About me

Johanna Seger

I'm Johanna, a UX designer who combines user research, design, and prototyping to transform complex problems into intuitive solutions. I am passionate about designing products that, not only look great, but are adapted to the user.

I got into UX during my studies for my Bachelor's in Cognitive Science. UX brought together the two things that I enjoyed most about cognitive science at the time; cognition, and design. I never knew design could hold such an important part in developing, and affect the person experiencing the end product to such a degree. This intrigued me!

I work at an IT consultancy as a UX designer, but enjoy designing so much that I also do it in my spare time (freelance). When I'm not designing however, I play folk music around my hometown, play jazz, and paint! I am a freelance artist also and create tattoo designs on the side. Being creative is my absolute favourite!


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